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Should we really buy backlinks to increase Search Rankings on Google?

Updated: May 5

Before I give my conclusion, here I am explaining the current scenario and proposing a rough plan for backlinking. Right now, domains are getting backlinks from three sources.

  1. Earned Links (Links which are generated automatically. Other domains mention spontaneously without asking)

  2. Email Outreach (We manually approach other domains for backlinks)

  3. Digital PR (We are doing press release)

In Email Outreach, getting a backlink has success rate as low as 1%. Outreach Specialists, ask for the backlinks from other domains where there are two scenarios which they have to deal with. Firstly, if the domain which they are approaching has DA higher than them, then, they always ask money in lieu of backlink. Today, people don't buying links due to budgeting reasons. So, they just make a lead of that domain, entering the details in the sheet and close it.

Secondly, if the domain which has DA less than them, then they might yes and give the backlink. But, at the same time people also need to give them backlink in-return. Sometimes people also start saying ‘No’ to link-exchanges if the spam score in MOZ Tool is more. They think, getting backlink from them would decrease their rankings.

Till now, website owner were only doing link exchanges in order to get the backlink. Google does not approve link exchanges. There are high changes of getting penalize in search rankings when google sees link exchanges while crawling both websites. Same way, google also demotes buying links from other domains. But, its difficult for google for to identify whether those links were purchased or built naturally as link are passed from one side only and google cannot find the link buying transaction details. That’s why link building has become a billion-dollar industry today.

When we talk about purchasing the links, it means their DA is higher than us. After working few months on Outreaching, owners may generate nearly 500 leads for link building. These leads can be segregated in two categories:-

  1. High Quality Websites: - These websites have high DA but at the same time they have achieved reputation which is called topical authority. Means they are experts in that particular field which gives them an upper hand in Search Ranking.

  2. Low Quality Websites: - These websites have high DA but they haven’t achieved any topical authority in any particular field. They are cheap guest posting spamming websites.

That’s why, prices of High-Quality Websites range from $150 - $300 per link and Low Quality Websites costs $20 - $80. High Quality Websites give good quality links and that’s why they show promising result in Search Rankings. If website owners allocates ₹25,000/- per month ($320) then they can purchase 5 - 8 backlinks after selecting websites from both the categories. They can also earn by selling some links from their domain to increase the purchasing power. But it comes at a cost of losing link juice for owner's domain.

Website domains can do submissions to get the backlinks. There are nearly 21 kinds of submission like Domain submission, article submission and image submissions to name a few. These are like low hanging fruits. Easy to achieve but at same time less power they get as everyone tries to get backlinks. People may get successfully to submit the listing in 2 – 3 websites. In the rest, there is reviewing period of 90 days where their team examines the submission profiles before approval. Owners can instantly get themselves approval buy paying them according to the pricing shown their websites. For instance, SE-Ranking had quoted us ₹50,000/- to list our website on their domain. They will write two articles on owners, do email marketing and promote them on their platform. Well as, Software Suggests ask $200 in this they would give 182 backlinks and they will do the submissions on their own. Owners can prepare the list of local listing submissions and submit do the submission on their own.

Lastly, owners can approach people on LinkedIn who are in the field of link building. This is a novel approach where owners can build a community of link builders. People share the list of domains and exchange the backlinks. This is not a bluff. Some owners tried this in contained manner and they have secured backlink. Like I said, this is novel approach and people should try this.

So, I would just summarize the whole email’s suggestion-requirements in below pointers.

  1. SMTP server: Owners would need a SMTP server to send emails. Currently, email service providers may block them if increase the email sending rate. The more people website owners approach and give them follow-ups higher the probability is for securing links.

  2. Hunter Credits: Once, our whole system starts getting pace then domain owners may exhaust the hunter email finding credits. In this, we will have to also increase the monthly credit limits. This is a near future talk, when owners start sending emails to 100 domains per day in addition to follow-ups and getting quantified results.

  3. Buying Links: I personally believe that link exchanges are more harmful; than link purchases. But the link purchases should be done from high quality websites and not cheap spammy ones. Website owners should not take this as an expense, but take it as an investment in our domain. Owners can try purchasing backlinks for 1 webpage observe the rankings in search console. If they show positive result then eventually, we can increase the scale.

  4. Site Submissions: Owner should also go ahead with the site submission. In these, efforts are less and so are the results. But at least, they would increase our number of backlinks and the DA.

  5. LinkedIn approach: If they think feasible then owners should run a pilot project LinkedIn as per details mentioned above.

So, with whole system setup and good amount budget in hand website owner can atleast secure 15 – 20 backlinks per person per month. These are just rough figures and too early to say until the whole system sets up. So, in conclusion I would say, purchasing links is always better option than link exchanges. Please let us know your ideas and suggestions in the below given poll.



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